Wednesday, April 19, 2006

So far I'm really surprised at my inability to navigate the blog/photo sharing software. I don't quite grasp the groups/sets/shared groups etc. Why the heck not? This is my job. I make web ware like this!

Which brings up another point. A big reason I haven't done a craft/renovation/fam blog yet is because I was thinking that of course I was going to build myself some swell system with nifty graphics and even cooler code underneath it all, and I would get to try new things and it would be really super, and blah blah blah. At the moment there is just no space for that. I spend all day coding, and in my little free time I really need to pick up the needle and the thread and make something that involves my hands and not just my head. So thank the good lord for the insta-blog.


Blogger Jade said...

Yes, insta-blogs are not so bad, hehe ... welcome to blogland (and BackTack - hee)

12:24 PM  

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