Sunday, June 24, 2007


We hosted my dad out here this weekend. It was his first time out to Illinois, and it was great to see him. While he was here, he helped me set up this compost bin. We are one step closer to throwing out stuff responsibly. Thanks Dad!

The wallpaper in the guest room all came down before Dad got here, and there were only a couple plaster holes in the ceiling for him to sleep under. As a whole, the room was much, much better than it had been. I did forget to clean on the ceiling fan blades though, so when my dad turned it on he got a big puff of ceiling crud. Oops!

Did you see that July is bag month over at Sew Mama Sew? Looks neat... It also reminds me that I've got a project for you all that's been backlogged in the works for quite some time. Remember the Frounchess bag? I've got a pattern worked up for it, and I just need to get it into deliverable form so I can post it for you. It was supposed to be my blogiversary gift to the world, but um, that was back in April.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Pastry Chick or Muesli Girl?

Such was the question posed to me by Kirsten when I commented on her post about joining the Breakfast Sunday flickr group.

Oh, I am such a pastry chick, and Sunday breakfasts are especially likely to contain a baked good of some kind. On Saturday I get up and get going--too much to conquer in the weekend to bother baking breakfast. But on Sunday, we're a little more relaxed, and I really think that one of the best little things in life is Sunday coffee and a scone. I also LOVE donuts, and I know I've mentioned this before because at least one person has found this blog by searching for a "donut sewing pattern", and I've never made one of those. Maybe I should?

wallpaper on the ceiling

I plan on spending most of today looking at the above. That is our guest room ceiling and some of the 6 layers of wallpaper that are stuck to it. That's right, there are 6 layers on the ceiling. And check out this scrap:

the red scrap

Yes, that means that at some point, this room was red wallpaper from floor through ceiling. Wow. We are expecting some much-anticipated company in the next couple weeks (Dad, Mom) and the goal is to have a welcoming guest room, rather than something that makes them feel like they're really part of the renovation process. Elbow grease!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

knitting is slow

I've been around, I've just been knitting. I am such a slow knitter that it makes craft life a little dull. Plus, nothing I'm knitting right now is for me. It's all surprises for others, so this wadded-up hunk of knitting photo is all you're going to get. whoo-hoo!

I've also been working on getting my new blog site ready, and I think I'll be able to make the move really soon. So exciting--but also a little nerve-racking. If anything goes wrong I can't blame blogger, just myself. Things that will be great about the new blog include: I'll have your email, the layout will accommodate flickr's medium size horizontal photos, easy support for categories, blah. blah, blah.

Oh, here's something fun-- I signed on for Bitter Betty's Hand Printed Fabric Swap, and my mind is churning trying to decide what I'm going to print. Right now, I'm thinking white ink and turquoise background.

Monday, June 11, 2007

more on the LJ sunhat + I tried one of these

So, the lotta jansdotter sunhat:
I found the pattern easy to follow, and I think that most people who have done a bit of sewing would find it so as well. But here's the thing--you have to have a bit of distrust of any garment that comes in one size only. Obviously, it won't fit everybody. I have what I think is a pretty much medium-size head, and it was just slightly too small for me. As in, I could wear it, but it felt a little tight. To my big-headed friends, and you know who you are, this hat is not for you, unless you don't mind re-sketching the pattern.

I bought the book for the hat more than anything else because it looked just right. The brim doesn't go out too far or down too long. It is just so.

I finally tried one of Blair's flowers. They are fun and quite easy. This one went to Beebs' teacher as an end of the year present. The year is over, man.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

and in their glorious absence we go into the sun

lotta hat out

After a lot of fretting on my part, I am now happy to confirm that the bugs will not be coming to my neck of the woods this year. We are too far south. I still have another 6 years until ours come up, and I will take that as fair warning. For all of you who are dealing with cicadas right now and are hating it, I am with you in spirit if not in actual proximity to a cicada.

On to better things. This is the Lotta Jansdotter sunhat, made for my mother's mother, Lib. My grandmother has worn a hat when out in the sun for as long as I can recall, and I thought she would like this simple style. She likes things that are pretty in a functional way, and not pink. The hat is natural linen with a blue and green flower lining that came from a bedsheet. My grandmother and flowered bedsheets are funny because of this:

When my grandmother was about to marry my grandfather, her mother (Posey) sat her down and explained that she should never buy flowered bedsheets because men don't like flowered bedsheets. My grandmother thought, well OK--she didn't have any real, pressing desire to have flowered bedsheets. She got married, had children and whenever she needed bedsheets, she picked ones without flowers. Until one day when my grandfather was helping make the bed he said, "do you think we could get some flowered sheets sometime? I really like flowered sheets."

Ahem. When I make this hat for myself, it will be a little bit bigger in the crown.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

an array of headbands

Oh, the code-ish side is leaking out onto the craft-ish side today.

Before today, I only had one fabric headband. It's pink and green, and awesome, and really a scarf, but it doesn't really cover all my headband needs. I made myself some new ones today because (1) I should have had a haircut 4 weeks ago, (2) it's Sunday (aka the day day I don't wash my hair), and (3) I wanted to be just a little crafty, but wasn't really up for anything more than sewing tubes. Headbands are both cute and useful! I think I'll wear the polka dot one ten times more than the others.

About the code, I think I'll be moving soon. I'm getting tired of blogger, and I think I'll move over to my own domain and have the blog powered by Ray Camden's BlogCFC. If you write ColdFusion at all , you should check it out. If you don't, here's where it's appealing to me: control and new toy. Blog CFC basically has all the hard thinking part done already. I'd only need to consider the adjustments that make it better for me. The biggest thing I don't like about blogger lately is that I don't get your email addresses when you comment, which is lame. I get a link back to a blogger profile, which is not nearly as useful. We'll see.