Sunday, May 14, 2006

A Big Ball of Yarn Rolls Into the House

(as the octopi look on in horror)


This week's whiplash worked with the theme "yarn". There is just so much cool stuff you can do with yarn, but I'm still a yarn beginner and not really good with the quick yarn projects. So, my yarn submission is a stitched picture of yarn. Specifically, it's a picture of a gigantic ball of yarn which is about to strike the little house of an octopus.

Beebs helped me with this one (an appropriate Mother's Day activity). It was her idea to put the octopus in the house. All the materials used are scraps from other projects. My scrap basket threw up all over my living room and we went to town. The yarn ball is machine stitched and the other pieces are machine appliqued to the quilt. It was a lot of fun. Thanks whipup!


Blogger mo said...

This made me laugh outloud! A big ball of yarn about to roll over an Octopus's house? That is funny! Very well done!

11:11 PM  
Blogger MagFly said...

:-) Fun!

5:18 AM  
Blogger marcisenders said...

This is adorable and funny too! I love the big ball of yarn.

9:57 AM  
Blogger Bitterbetty said...

Creative and original.
Anything with Octopi is good by me!

7:45 PM  
Blogger creative kismet said...

So fun and creative! Great job!

7:51 PM  
Blogger Jeanne said...

This is fantastic Dorie! I hadn't visited in a bit and love the wallpaper too!

Maybe you could construct a large ball of yarn for the lawn guy's house?

4:02 PM  

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