Friday, May 05, 2006

Big Love

Thanks to everybody who put in a good word for me on last week's whipup whiplash. I feel so great! I am a fairly obsessed newcomer to the online craftblog scene, and it's just so cool to participate in these types of communal craft activities-- also very cool to be recognized.

I was talking to my friend Jeanne about it, and I think that whatever fuels my craft-along obsession is the same thing that drew me into quilting--It's the idea that there are endless possiblilites for rearranging materials within the same parameters. I am a rules-based person, and all of my favorite activities involve being creative within some set of rules: coding, quilting, renovating the house, and now craft-alongs. Speaking of which, I'll be working on my backtack project this weekend!


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