Sunday, May 28, 2006

Softie has arrived

My backtack softie came! It traveled to Farmer City all the way from Australia (and a town with "roo" in its name). Christabel at mrworkswell knit him up for me. He's a bot. I particularly like like the arm pose, but what's really neat about this guy is the yarn. I don't know if yarn is the right word. It looks like it might be fabric strips and the fabric has tiny dots on it and feels a little like fuzzy paper. It's kind of like what a pillow on an airplane might be coved in. What is it? Tell us Christabel! Very cool.

The cute teapot card was a bonus extra. Thanks Christabel!


Blogger Christabel said...

I have no idea what aeroplane pillows would be covered in, but this is Saskia by Lang Yarns, a strange tape-like yarn that intrigued me as well.
Card by Abby Powell.
So glad he got there safely.

5:29 AM  
Blogger Adrian said...

Yo Dorie this is your beloved Auntie A
Your blog is very blogish, good for you. You can make tiny hats for preemies and kids in the hospital and give them to the NICU or Project Linus. Love to all

3:32 PM  

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