Saturday, June 17, 2006

Happy Father's Day

Hooray for the dads of the world, particularly my Dad and my husband!

This year I decided to make my dad something. But what? Hmmm... well I did inherit his ability to break a sweat at nothing (hope sweat doesn't gross you out), so what about wristbands? OK. I went with the wristbands. I went to the store and got some yarn and thought I'd try my hand at intarsia by knitting his initial into the band. Actually, I wanted one to say "sweat" and the other to say "genes" but that either wouldn't fit or was beyond my skill. So I knit and knit and the intarsia went well and I was feeling good about it until I tried it on.

Wow, Dorie. Is your dad Andre the Giant? It's true, to me my dad is larger than life, but this is ridiculous. All you experienced knitters can peel your fingers at me. I did not in any way check the gauge and I ended up with a really big cuff.

But it's useful for other things. Like an ankle band:
(not the cutest picture of my leg.)

Or a bottle cozy:

Or a pet ruff (sorry Edgar!):
Really the possibilities are endless. I hope my dad (who reads this blog--I love that) enjoys his knit item as a token of my love and creative ambitions as well as my imperfections. (I think it could be a bookmark too, as long as your book wasn't too tall. You could wrap it vertically around the pages you have already read.)

And for Elie? I am not going to try to knit him a wristband. I'll take him on a park picnic instead. Enjoy your Sunday.


Blogger Lisa said...

thumbs up on the bottle cozy :)

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