Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Kitty Update

I think that I could have called this blog Cats and Cloth and that would have been appropriate too.

Edgar and Hen are good friends, which makes me just so happy. I was worried that they would hate each other and get territorial. So glad that didn't happen. Instead they sleep togther and play together and Edgar obsessedly licks Hen. He is such a doofus. He probably thinks she stinks, cause she does.

Like most cats, they like to help with sewing projects. See how Edgar helps Beebs with the needlepoint that my grandmother (Honeydew) gave her?


Blogger mo said...

Your yarn pile is so great! I love those types of garage sales. That little cat all snugged up in the bigger cat is just priceless. We sort of want cats around here but I am just not sure if I need anything else waking me up But they sure are cute....

12:55 PM  

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