Monday, June 05, 2006

Lactating Softies & Backtack III

It seems that I have a theme, at least a softie theme, and that theme is nipples.

Meet Nursie Bunny, a gift for Batya's eldest, who was just dethroned by a baby brother. Nursie Bunny is a momma bunny who snugly cuddles two (coordinating) baby bunnies in her arms, and when the baby bunnies are hungy, she can feed them with her snap nipples and they can nurse with their snap mouths. Nursie Bunny was inspired by the tens of similarly designed nursie bunnies made by my mother and her La Leche group when I was a kid. They sold them as a fundraiser at the area conference. Nothing like knowing your audience. Anyway, Batya and I were kids of that group and now she's a leader herself, so it's a fitting present.

And did you see how discreet she is? I bet you didn't even notice that she was nursing when you first looked at this picture. That's why we have a close-up.My mother animal theme flowed right into Backtack. Mo of lemongardenia received this little kitty with four button nipples and a blue button nose. It was so much fun making this gal for Mo because her color palette is so cheerful & I'm pretty keen on blue myself. Five is such an odd number of buttons, though---I'm glad Mo liked their placement!

Now I'm on the prowl for another swap. I seem to get to them just as they are closing. And I really want to do the Puncushion Challenge as well. I actually made a fruit pincushion in May, but never took the darn picture.


Blogger Christabel said...

The bunny family is so good!
Very cute and clever.

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