Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Pile of yarn: good?

So on Saturday I found a garage sale with an amazing amount of yarn. Someone's mom had a yarn shop, but her health was failing so she went out of business and then passed on. They were selling all the stock and there was just so much of it. Now, of all the crafty people I know, I am not the most yarn-ish person. To the point that this past winter when some talented person offered me some very fabulous green and blue homespun, I declined, afraid I wouldn't use it. (Nuts!) That day, I cast on a hat that went well, and knitting is becoming a bigger part of my crafting life, but I digress... I love finding stuff and this was definitely a find and I got some nice fibers for much less than they would have been. But you should have seen my inexperienced self crouching in this guy's driveway trying to figure out how much of what I might need for a project. I picked an assortment of fibers that I'd never used before--the green-blue is a linen blend, the light blue is angora, offwhite is mohair, gray is cashmere, dark blue is cotton and something and is the only one I have a plan for as of yet. Most are slightly old, I hope I don't find out something bad about that.

My optic mouse is going. It's made it nearly impossible to use my computer for the last three days, so no blogging. I was using my laptop for browseing, but it's not a mac and it's really cruddy and I think it would have demanded a driver if I had tried to hook up my camera.

Speaking of the camera, I followed a link from whipup to the tilt shift photography group, and it is just so cool. People are taking pictures of scenes that are actual size and then doing photoshop tricks on them to make them look like photographs of miniature toys. I told Elie about it on our morning drive into town and he thought it was pointless, but I'll be darned if he wasn't hooked by the ride home. It has art meets science, his favorite thing. The technique messes with your depth perception: in a picture taken of things which are far away, everything is flat and in one plane, but in a photo of a miniature, the object is rather close and different parts will be indifferent planes.

Anyway, we're excited because there are so many good thinks to take this sort of picture of out here in the rural midwest. If this weekend is sunny maybe we'll give it a try.


Blogger Jeanne said...

Yowza! I'm in yarn envy...If there's anything you fear you might not use I'll swap you for some homespun;-) FINALLY back online as of five minutes ago.

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