Sunday, June 04, 2006

Stagnant blog <> stagnant life

I've missed by blog in the last week and a half, but life has been so busy and wonderful! Let me recap:

First, let me give a blog welcome. My oldest, dearest friend Batya has a baby boy. Hooray! He is totally adorable. We love him.

And, my backtack project was posted on Wednesday. Hope you enjoy it Mo!

Allright, let do this chronologically. We adopted a new kitty. She is the kitten I've always wanted, and we named her Henrietta Pussycat, but it's become Hen, which I think is good.

Then, my mom came to stay with us for a week, yeah! It was so much fun. We almost never get visitors out here, so it was just so nice to have her come and stay with us. And Mom brought her fluffy kitty to come stay with us while she builds her new house, which means that the cat was her carry-on and when we booked the flight we had to check for "Cat In the Cabin Availability" which is just so funny.

On the day that my mother arrived, we threw a large formal garden party in my yard. Formal events are not usually my sort of affair, and we don't do a great deal of entertaining, but our mow-every-other-day neighbor told us off about our wildflowers & we had to do something. Pictures later. The party was a success. Mom and Beebs and I spent the majority of the next day lying down in the shady grass. Beebs made a tent under 2 chairs.

Beebs didn't have school this week, so she and Mom played scrabble and went to the pool while I brought home the bacon. It is nice to have family around, and sometimes I really envy people with grandparents down the street, but I guess Elie and I are too adventurous to stay close to all those folks. Elie's mom may move out here though, and that would be good.

Mom and I went shopping and did projects and sketched out my bathroom and drank tea of the porch. We thought about going to St. Louis, but settled for another cup of tea.

Project A: Curtains for the study/office/den
Before: a white sheet that I also used as a tablecloth at Passover draped over a rod. It's still pretty.WIP: The colors in this were so perfect. I got it on eBay.

After: I still didn't want to cover up my leaded glass. Now the room has pattern!


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