Saturday, September 02, 2006

Mail day

Oh man, we got so many packages today.

My mom and Elie's dad (or more accurately, Elie's thoughtful stepmom, Betsy) both sent Beebs boxes of school clothes, which I don't need to say, is just so nice. And they're really cute things too! My mom sent a bunch of footless tights (which is great because I think Beebs officially hates the thick variety of the regular ones). On seeing them come out of the box I said, "Oh, I can make you a corduroy skirt to go with those." And then out came a corduroy skirt!

This month's quilt block swap blocks came from Suzanne. Suzanne doesn't have a blog, but she sent me the really great blocks above. The colors and fabrics are very pretty and lots of fun, plus most of them came from recycled, altered clothing. She also sent along a little pair of button earrings wrapped up in a subversive cross stitch notecard. It is the "Irony is not dead" one, which I think is just the funniest.
And, I finally got a chance to spend some birthday money. This was birthday cash intended specifically for buying craft materials. (Thanks, Dad.) I got all of the above, with the exception the Kokeshi kitty print (which is from stash), from superbuzzy, the new japanese fabric shop. The red unbrella fabric is going to go with the kitty fabric to make a cute top for Beebs.
And, the Japanese craft book my mom got me for my birthday finally came too. I got it through yesAsia, because patache seemed to have a good time with them. The book is great. I just need to make these things before Beebs grows. A large part of me thinks she's still 4. And no, the adorable child on the cover did not come with the book, even though I kind of hoped she would.

So, I think that's all the mail I'll get for awhile. Oh wait, I'm still expecting this Walken shirt for Elie. Red on gray? You bet.


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