Monday, September 25, 2006

Peep hole

Hen loves remodeling. Our soon-to-be bathroom is making swift progress. We are highly motivated to get the floor tiled because we can't install the radiator until the floor is done, and we can't turn on the heat until the radiator is installed, and it's getting pretty chilly... The picture is taken from my kitchen looking up. Note: I have no actual kitchen ceiling--those are the floorboards to the room above. Hen is looking down at you from the place where the toilet will eventually go, what is affectionately called the "poop hole". So funny to see her little face peering down at you. While on the subject of the new b-room, Holy Smokes! Can I tell you how awesome architectural salvage places are? At this point in our house redo we have become very good friends with PACA. We've bought everything from radiators to wood there, but most recently we hit the bathroom jackpot---a double sink white marble countertop in just the right size and a clawfoot tub with its enamel in really good condition. And we got these things at the tiniest fraction of what it would have cost to buy new. Oh I love it.

What I don't love: picking the fabric for reupholstering my wing chairs. It's too hard! I love fabrics and looking at them, but decisions are too much. I want it not to be too trendy, but to be fun, to be comfortable, yet durable. And I'm afraid I have very expensive taste in decorator fabrics. The chairs are currently in bright yellow (see part of one in my last post) and there's something I kinda like about that, but I'm thinking that the chairs should be something more neutral and versatile. I can always change the way they look with pillows. I'm probably going to go with a gray velvet, but I keep thinking about this. hm. Needing 12 yards, the latter just isn't going to happen.
My day off, aside from the mantis visit, went very well. Beebs and I made the most delicious challah ever. I generally relaxed and did all the fun home stuff. Hope you had a good one too.
Walken shirt!


Anonymous Sarah D said...

I love the yellow fabric -- very elegant yet playful!

12:11 PM  
Anonymous mo said...

That is too funny! If that were my house and I looked up and saw that face peering down at me through the floor I can't tell you how much I would love it! We need a cat. Looks like Beebs did such a nice job on her Challah. Makes me want bread pudding!

10:30 PM  
Blogger Kat Eyez said...

Wow, your daughter resembles her dad a lot!!

1:06 AM  

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