Friday, September 22, 2006

Renegade rescue

This is what a big kitten looks like after she has rescued you. I am off work today. Beebs gets of school early, then we're doing fun cooking for Rosh Hashana. So, I was taking my rare morning to myself to sit at my desk and craft and blog, when SMACK! A humongus mantis lands on the window facing my desk right where my face is. Yeahcgghghg. I really feel that it was personally trying to ruin my morning. They get me more than anything else. And I know I should think they're cool and good bio indicators and even cute, but i don't. So I got Hen up to the window and I think she scared it off. I kinda expected it. We see one every Rosh Hashana. Happy new year! Here's your giant mantis! Dang fall.

Back to goodness. Here are my crafty arty purchases from Renegade:

I love these resin beads from fernworks. The makers had all sorts of other cool stuff inside too like lichen and beans in grass that looked like a nest
This is for Beebs' room, which is red-pink-white and still lacking things for the walls. The maker, Katie Muth is going to be print a 2007 calendar with more pretty lino prints. It's highly recommended.
Rar rar press does have a site of their own yet, but has some really fun postcards, like these. You stamp your location and the location of the person you're sending to on the US map one. Funny. Convincing.
Girly sweet patches from Carla Sonheim. The big one I'll put in Ikea clips. The little ones will go on something for Beebs. Carla also does bags and little wearable art pins and larger wall art. She's on etsy too.
I called these the weasel note cards, even though makers la familia green insist that it's a ferret. They have a lot of really cute cutout cards too.


Blogger Jeanne said...

Thanks for making me want to go spend money!;-)

All so beautiful...

1:46 PM  
Anonymous Lisa B-K said...

God, I'm with Jeanne. WTF!? I'mnot made of money, woman!

I especially like the patches and I'm so getting the calendar.

4:02 PM  
Blogger kristin said...

The necklace looks SO great! I never actually saw it on you after you went back and bought it. The "wedding birds" framed look great, too. (Do you still have one of the square frames for Saskia's print?)

10:08 AM  

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