Friday, September 29, 2006

WIP Friday

A new knitting project for me. I finally finished knitting the Grace sweater, but I'm not too inspired to sew it all together. My friend Sarah has been knitting the Grace sweater too, and we both came out with the same problem--the back is 2-3 inches longer than the front. Someday I'll address it and fix it. I imagine it will be in March.

The new project is armwarmers from the Last Minute Knitted Gifts book. Decided to do it after friend Kristin pointed out exactly how really useful these are if you're wearing a three quarter length sleeve and trying to sit and your desk and type while and it's just a little bit chilly. I'm maing the man's pattern in a smaller yarn--the cashmere yarn I got from the garage sale a while back.And just because kleas posted her seedum, here's ours. About 2 weeks ago it was loaded with monarch butterflies.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the picture with the sedum. It is being saved to Jennifers Pictures. Hooray! I made a comment.

8:59 AM  

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