Sunday, October 29, 2006

Complete recap

I got some good mail this week and the sun finally shone on Farmer City today so I could take some photos and share. As you can see above, the bird ATC swap was a big success. I love my cards and I want to figure out some good way to store/display them. A big thanks to Jaci, Veronica, Barbara, Selena, Lori, and Stephanie!

My September blocks from Su finally reaching me after a long journey through the bowels of the US Postal system. They are just so smooth and crisp and even (yup like the snow), and I'm sure Su must be one expert quilter. I sent the ones below to her in return.This week was nuts, just nuts. Work was crazy busy and unpleasant, I felt sick, and this blog, which is usually my place for peaceful creativity, was anything but calm. Debate is stressful, at least for me.

Amy Butler blogged back on the Belle Chrysanthemum post, and that has been quieter since. I'm glad about that. I'm glad she did. Thank you, Amy.

My mom and sister are here from afar (New Jersey and California respectfully) so I'm off to go visit with them while I still can.

Much love,


Blogger Zann said...

Hi Dorie -- I love visiting your blog & seeing what's up. I'm at work and wishing I were home working on a quilt block I've been hovering over for days now. But stopped on my lunch break to check in on the Quilt block group. Sounds like you've been busy as usual. Love the ATC's and I'm really enjoying your red block quilt additions. Thanks for all the inspiration. It's sunny now in Portland, Oregon, but was cold, cold, and foggy until Noon.
Keep on truckin',

12:58 PM  

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