Saturday, October 07, 2006

One hand warmer

The other hand is still colder. I am pleased to share my first hand warmer! I liked this project a lot because it was quick and soft and useful. I'm guessing that it will only take me a week to get the other one done--yea.

I also took the picture with my new smaller, more lightweight digital camera. I really like it a lot and it's pretty amazing what you can get for not too much. Plus, it's cute. It's one of these from Kodak, but boy am I a little peeved at Kodak. When you have a mac, you shoud be able to simply plug your camera into your computer via usb and it should work. The lovely folks at Kodak feel that I need to install their Easy Share software before I can get any pics from my camera to my computer, never mind that I don't need their software because I use iPhoto. Tech support claims that there's a camera connection only option, but then it wasn't really there. I really don't like to be forced to install uneeded software. There.In case you forgot all about him, remember the kitty who broke down my screen? Yeah, well we've been "fostering" him for 2 months. We're hoping that I can convince my stepfather to drive him back to Jersey to go live with my mother in law when he comes out here for my stepbrother's naval graduation at the end of the month. Anyone else think it's weird that the navy trains recruits in a totally inland state? The cat (Charlie) is making himself totally comfortable. Please don't do the math on the number of cats in my house. It's totaly embarassing. But Mo, I still supportive of your cat-wanting thoughts!


Anonymous mo said...

We were out in the industrial boondocks last night and a cat ran across the road and I had serious thoughts of just grabbing it and taking it home with us! It had to have been a stray. But then good sense prevailed and we are still catless. When we do take the plunge, I should be a bit better prepared than, "Hey grab it! We can feed it scrambled eggs". Now I am having fantasies about adoptiong a greyhound. They need me. By the way, mindreader, I have been talking about making fingerless gloves all week. Which pattern did you use? I love it!

5:25 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

looks like a good fit on the warmer.

saw a couple of cats on the streets of Lausanne today and thought of you. :)

I'll show you the pics when we get back.

11:26 AM  

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