Thursday, October 19, 2006


Around here we love dresses but hate tights, and I personally hate the thought of cold legs. Back in ye olde days you could have some pantaloons to keep you legs warm (and covered). I've been wanting these for the Beebs since she started walking--they're comfy and soft and sweet-- and I finally did them. I kinda wanted to make the kind that don't gather up at the bottom, but she wanted these traditional ones. Of course I see the obvious flaw. The next pair will be brown-- with red edging maybe. These white ones are sure to be a mess after they get played in a bit.
little girl.  big chair.  pantaloons.

I don't wear skirts regularly in the winter because I really don't like the way the wind blows up them. Seriously, you might as well not be wearing a bottom. And I don't think I've ever found a pair of tights that were actually comfortable, and I'm OK with that. It makes the spring skirts even better. Sometimes I would really like to embrace the old time underwear thing and have a few warm layers of skirts and pantaloons. I think in modern times you would call adult pantaloons "pajamas". Not a great look. Too much of the campus, wearing-my-pyjamas-to-class thing. I bet I could rig up some cuter. Maybe like this? Hers are thermals rolled up, but you get the idea.

Daisy the cat has bloomers.And she doesn't appreciate it when you post pictures of them on the internet.This post at soulemama got me today. How cute are they nursing? And the cat? And you can't tell either. Oh, I miss that. It makes me so happy and so sad.


Anonymous P said...

I went through a big bloomers-wearing stage at college. Love them, wonder if I could still get away with it... :)

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