Thursday, October 12, 2006

Redwork bird cards

I really just love these. Kleas is hosting a bird-themed ATC swap and these are my contribution. I drew the birdies, then did them in redwork on white cotton and stitched them to cards.

Audubon would not be impressed with my accuracy but they're real cute. (Wish I had better pics. It was a stormy October morning and I had to get these out. No light) Here are crow, finch, and mourning dove:
Birds for Kleas' ATC swap

And here are dodo, barn owl, and kestrel:
Birds for Kleas' ATC swap

I knew squat about ATCs (artist trading cards) before this and was a bit hesitant to join. After all, it has "artist" in the name, and that's not an identity I give myself exactly. What if the recipient didn't find them arty enough? Too much craft in the art? But gosh I do love making stuff and little birds and a challenge. Plus the host is a wonderful art crafter so I figured I'd be OK.

Now on to thinking about whiplash...


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