Thursday, November 09, 2006

Sneaky peeky

I have been hard core crafting these last few days. I'm doing round 12 of Open Yours Too, and wow is it exhilirating. To participate, I made eight things. They could be different, but they had to be representative of my work. Eight can be a lot of things when you're trying to make each one extra special. I love everything I made and can't wait to share, but I just mailed the package today, so I'll have to wait a bit to do that. There's a sneak peek up above though.

Since I can't talk obsessive craftiness, how about we talk bags? I want a new fall/winter bag. The Frounchess bag carried me though summer, but it's just not right for cold weather. What I like:So maybe I'll make something like one of these, or maybe really I'll just buy one of these. My craft agenda is way packed.

Some of you might want to see the witch. Here:Edgar steals candy:


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