Saturday, December 09, 2006

Merry merry little shop

Linen pitcher plant calendar

I got an Etsy shop up--Yay! It took a bit of configuring and preparing, but I'm good to go now., if you'd like to take a look. I have the calendars up there, including the ones printed on linen. I've been having fun shopping Etsy for Christmas, and I'd love to share me finds, but you know, it's not really a good idea to tell the world what you're getting everyone for Christmas if you don't want the recipient to know.

Things are slightly more busy than I'd like them to be here, more in a work-ish way than a fun-ish way. Only about one week left of nose to the grindstone and then I'll be enjoying a vacation!

Happy merry-making to you all.


Blogger Zann said...

I love this calendar quilt, and I've missed being able to comment on your blog entries -- like you, I am wayyyy busier than I want to be. Unfortunately, it's been mostly with NON-crafty things. I did make a bunch of jewelry over the weekend -- silver wire & turquoise for one sister; light jade & pearls for the other. But I'm immersed in work, doing about 50 hrs a week AND I'm moving to a new apartment beginning the day after Christmas. Aiyyyyyeee.
Most importantly, though, I wanted to ask about how you printed your calendar. I've been looking into trying to set up a silk screen, but it's been years. I was intrigued with Krisin's Gocco (Docco?) printer, but I read in the new Craft: magazine that they've become almost impossible to buy new & are very spendy on E-bay. So, if you can give me some info on what kind or printing process you used, I'd greatly appreciate it. I still have a fantasy that I'm going to make Christmas cards. Har! I'm cutting out a very intricate stencil but these cards may turn into New Years cards -- which is fine.
Hope you & yours are well & festive. I hope to get my own digital camera & start making my own posts after the holidays.
Take care,

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