Monday, January 15, 2007

redwork swap anyone?

I've been thinking about it. Would any of you out there like to do a redwork swap? The item itself could be anything: tea towel, 2-d dolly, potholder, apron, ATC, wall hanging, you name it. It would just need to featue embroidery done in red.

If you're interested, drop a quick note below, and if I get a good response, I'll start an official signup!

Yes, Henrietta. You are a linen-ish sort of cat.

I'm enjoying a rare Monday at home witht the Beebs. We are making stuff. It has just begun to snow a little, and we're listening to Arcade Fire, which is very snowy, wintry music. The dryer is making good clean laundry sounds. I think this will be a good day.


Anonymous Maitreya said...

Oh cool, I'm in!w

6:02 PM  
Blogger Wardi said...

I'm in too if you go ahead with this! :-)


7:38 AM  

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