Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I think it technically was. I worked from home yesterday because it was too bad to go out. These are the grain elevators we see from our northern windows.

Beebs and I were out shoveling the driveway this morning at 6:30. She planned it the night before--so excited to "help me get to work on time". It was beautiful, cold, and all pink and sparkly from the early sunlight. Beebs dug out my tires and tried sweeping with a broom, but I wouldn't share our one snowshovel. Soon she gave it up and started building an igloo with the good chunks I was digging up.

As I shoveled, I thought about the last time I saw as much snow a few years ago while we were in DC. I was shoveling-out the driveway we shared with our neighbors. They spoke Spanish, but I think they sometimes forgot that I did too. It was Angela and her two sons. They were gentlemen in the traditional sense and always held the door for me if they saw me coming with the baby, and would carry my groceries up the three flights if they saw I had Beebs in tow. It was always greatly appreciated. So when Angela saw me out shoveling snow she said loudly to her sons in Spanish, "And where is her husband?!" I just had to smile and keep on shoveling. I thought of this this morning while I shoveled and Elie was in bed. (He did the noon shift of sidewalk and walkway. He's no slacker.) It would have been done more quickly had we been able to share the load. It's probably time to buy a second shovel.

By the end of the driveway I was less philisophical and appreciative of nature and more delirious. I had visions of Homer Simpson as Mr. Plow coming along to rescue me.

I got to try out my finished KoolAid yarn hat. I took a picture of me wearing it in the snow that came out so poorly that I will not share it. You can look really hot after you shovel a driveway.

Oh, and happy valentines day! I braved the terrible streets, in campus town of all places, to bring my sweeties the gift of Indian takeout.


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