Monday, February 05, 2007

housely things


First of all, anyone who wanted fabric in the last post gets fabric. Please send me your address at tumblingblocksATgmailDOTcom. Hooray!

I actually did work on our house this weekend. Yup, this blog was supposed to be a place to keep track of our progress on the house as well as my crafty endeavors. You can see what direction that took...

ticking covered cushions

So among other things, I finally covered the cushions of our Morris chair. The chair has had a couple of covers during my lifetime---a red-orange bumpy textured something with fabric- covered buttons when I was a kid (my mom made it), and then later, a subdued rose cover with a well-rouched gusset. I took the latter cover off about 5 months ago, and the cushions have been sitting on the chair all cotton-wrapped since then. This weekend I finally decided to finish what I started.

I used black and white ticking, which I first bought a bit of way back when for Mo's backtack III ticky kitty. I liked it so much and the price was right, so I bought lots more. I think it looks nice and tidy.

salvaged tub, recently painted

Our bathroom is making excellent progress. We got strong and careful movers to lift our salvaged clawfoot tub and marble countertop upstairs, so the bathroom looks like an actual bathroon now. I am so impressed with Elie's craftsman skills. He's cut and routed and polished all the stone himself, and it just looks so great.

half-done vanity

So that's it. Progress. Brought to you by a less-harried me. I think that's why I could finally get back into the big projects. All the work that made oct-dec completely nutty have stopped and I've done enough relaxing to feel like being useful again. The fun little self-centered projects (like puncushions!) totally make my tough times bearable.


Anonymous mo said...

Wow! Looove the tile, Loove the ticking (naturally, how could I not-ticky kitty is still perched with the fabric on the shelf!)and the miniswap is incredible! Geez, I miss a few days and boy good things are happening at your house.

10:36 PM  
Anonymous Jenny said...

You have the bathroom of my dreams! I've always wanted a clawfoot tub...good luck with the rest of the have exquisite taste!

2:58 PM  
Anonymous blair said...

May I also chime in with how much I love that bathroom. All white bathrooms are my favorite.

6:53 AM  
Anonymous Denise said...

oh, I just love those little frames you have, it is a very nice detail ^_^, a very comfy space to read a nice book

12:01 AM  

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