Thursday, February 22, 2007

laces from places

When I was home visiting family in December, my dad presented Beebs and I with a box of old buttons, zippers, trims and bangles he had bought in a lot from ebay. The two of us and my two sisters had fun trying on all the bracelets and deciding which fit who's style and divvying them all up. Then Beebs and I made off with the notions.

These laces are from that box.
This is beautiful handmade lace that someone made, but never used.

handmade lace

The envelope says faintly at the top, "Sheet," so I think that it was meant to edge a bedsheet. But that didn't happen, and person number two wrote a note on the envelope to someone else, hoping that somewhere down the line, the lace would wind up in the hands of someone who appreciated the "handiwork". It finally did. And I'm going to use it. And I'm going to use any other of my favorite fabrics, because what's the point of saving them?

This, I like the pale pink on turquoise and the the "undetermined fiber content".

buckwheat honey

I'm really hoping that tea and scones with honey cure colds. I stayed home and ate way too many of these today. Do you know buckwheat honey? It's really different from most honeys and the favorite around here. It's more robust, and darker than your average honey. It's almost molasses-like, but without the tang. Elie's mom just sent us this jar from a favorite haunt.


Blogger futuregirl said...

Oh, wow! Handmade lace?! That is totally amazing. It looks really delicate and beautiful, too.

8:05 AM  
Anonymous jenny said...

I think that scones probably could cure the flu, poison ivy, and numerous other ailments! Yeah carbs!

8:20 PM  

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