Friday, April 13, 2007

friday, uh-huh, un-huh

What am I doing? I dunno. Many, many things, but not much to show for it.

There's kuler. Adobe has this fun little color utility in the labs section of their website. It's more than a utility really, because you can share the color combos you create. I'm pretty sure it wants to be the flickr of color.

And there are the canal house closets via junior society. I would really like one. It would be for me and not for Beebs. I know where it would go too–in the front room that will be my office as soon as we finish the new den (ETA 1.5 yrs). This old house has no coat closet, so we could use a place for wraps. Hmmm...maybe it will be a personal woodworking project for next year?

And we introduced Beebs to orisinal this week. Video games just do not get any cuter than this! I like the bunny and the bells.


Anonymous Lisa B-K said...

We like the bees game at Orsinal.

Your tomato plants are coming along smashingly... should be ready in a couple of weeks.

4:24 PM  
Anonymous jenny said...

Are those plants some kind of strange succulants?(I'm not too good with plants myself!) Beautiful colors...

7:56 PM  
Anonymous faun said...

i love orisinal- i've gotten so many people hooked on the games. how can you not love them..?

6:09 PM  

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