Monday, September 18, 2006

Blue and brown bunny boys (for brothers!)

Renegade was too wonderful, and the gals and I had a very fabulous (if busy) time in Chicago. I want to take pictures of all the nifty things I brought home, but that darn dusk keeps coming earlier and earlier. Maybe tomorrow.

For now, I give you the bunnies. The are from the very adorable wee wonderfuls wee bunny pattern. These two are for baby Ty and his not-too-much-older brother, Klaus. I hope they have fun with them.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, the scout 50/50 went very well--fun even. I can see racing's appeal, especially if it's local and you know the people who are driving. And no one called me a poseur or refused to buy tickets from me because they had never seen me before or anything.


Anonymous kristin said...

your bunnies are so cute!! i love the cross stitch on their bellies :)

5:54 PM  

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