Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Moth friend

My friend Lisa took this photo. Isn't it great? She takes wonderful pictures. I love it even though I hate have an unexplainable, real, and terrible anxiety around insects. Beebs and the rest of us went to Lisa's daughter's pirate party. The moth was a very cooperative guest. Maybe stunned to be out in the day?

Ah, I just finished up hosting knit night (incidentally, not the same knit group as the one who received t-shirts, but a different, second, newer (to me) knit group), and it was quite nice. It always is. I didn't do too much knitting though. Mostly I prepped for tomorrow night's girl scout meeting. That's right, I'm a leader. I will finish the grace sweater soon though.


Blogger Jeanne said...

I tried to post the other day and your comments were weird. Oh how I miss knit night...glad you are enjoying it in my place! I got a job...less online for me:-)

4:42 PM  

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