Friday, February 02, 2007

wintry pincushion & wip

Earlier this month my sister Lizzie (the one who has recently taken up quilting) asked me if I would make her a pincushion. Would I? Sure!

snowflake star with a lot of light

You all had so many nice things to say about these ones (thank you!!), that I'm sure you won't mind seeing another in the same vein. I really love making them because I get to quilt and stuff and embroider all at once. Plus, a six pointed star is very snowflake-ish, and therefore appropriate for the January Pincushion Challenge, dontcha know.

snowflake pincushion at night

I had some real problms getting a good picture, though, so I give you many. I think pincushions can be generally hard to photograph because you want to get the details on the top, but also the whole view from the side. The one was especially difficult because the white and gray contrast so much, and the white part is made from quilt batting, whoose fluffy fibers give the camera's auto focus a hard time.

kool aid yarn WIP

The wip:
I'm finally using this kool aid yarn.

miniswap waiting

Eeeeeee! The letter carrier just dropped this on my porch. I think it's miniswap from kristin. I'm home with a sick Beebs today, so I think I'll just let it rest there until she finishes watching Narnia...


Anonymous kristin said...

LOVE your pincushion!! very winter wonderlandy indeed :)...the beads give it that extra wintery sparkle.

open the box!! open the box!! can't wait to see what you have there :)

2:45 PM  
Anonymous Denise said...

ohh! I just love your pincushions ^_^ ( i got mine at the open yours too), I would love to swap another one with you along with some fabrics someday.

I love the picture of your porch :), it's snowing!! nice detail I hope you feel better soon.

6:18 PM  
Blogger amy said...

i love your pincushions. i was inspired by your last ones, so i tried to make one. it had a few issues, but not too bad. i love the gray and white and who would have thought to use batting!

10:48 AM  

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